Artificial Intelligence: Coming to the Rescue of ITOps

Here is an article I have written how AI can help DevOps :

According to McKinsey’s Global Institute Report of 2018, artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to create an annual value of $3.5 billion to $5.8 billion across different industry sectors. Today, AI in finance and IT alone accounts for about $100 billion; hence, it is becoming quite the game changer in the IT world.

With the onset of cloud adoption, the world of IT DevOps has changed dramatically. The focus of ITOps is changing to an integrated, service-centric approach that maximizes business services availability. AI can help ITOps in early detection of outages, potential root cause prediction, finding systems and nodes that are susceptible to outages, average resolution time and more. This article highlights a few use cases where AI can be integrated with ITOps, simplifying day-to-day operations and making remediation more robust.


You can read complete article at


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